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UCSD Study Buddy was created with the intention of making peer to peer knowledge sharing easier. The platform allows students at UC San Diego to upload whatever class material they’ve gathered over time and share it to the public, anonymously or with credit.
There’s currently no platform made for students to share their class materials. The only resource currently available for students is a Facebook group dedicated for them to upload any material they have. Students have to scroll through endless threads and endless searches only to not find the materials they need. Occasionally, spreadsheets with links are shared to students but when the owner of the file deletes the spreadsheet, no one can access it anymore.
Site Map
With our knowledge on basic site architecture, we were able to sketch and wireframe how our site would look. We looked at other inspirations such as online bookstores or textbook buying sites to help guide us on what would be important on our site. After our research, we narrowed on the following three main pages for our website: home page, upload page, and wishlist page.
After some quick wireframes, we played around with different ways to make our prototypes and how our site would look. Besides sites with large data base of books, we wanted to look at file sharing platforms like google drive and dropbox. From there we started prototyping with our brand and vision in mind.

We tested a few of these screens to see which visual design as well as the interactive design would work well with students. many appreciated the wishlist but didn’t like how it seemed like a chat box more than a request screen. The home page was nice but did not visually appeal to students. we went back and prototyped more screens based on our feedback and finalized on our brand design.
Our team thought carefully on how we wanted to brand our site. From being students ourselves to talking to our fellow peers, being a student means stress and frustrations about 100% of the time. So after careful situation, we wanted to use our site to bring different emotions — something more fun and lively.
A & B Testing
We did some research before we tested these two different upload features and research showed that users enjoyed type form features because it creates a better interaction design and creates the opportunity for users to stay on a screen longer.  

We then created a more simple screen where it wasn’t type form but just a fill in the box that was all in one screen. As students, we assumed students would prefer a quick and easy way to upload without that many button clicks involved. So we tested the two different features.
Something we wanted to focus attention on was our upload screen. The foundation and mission of our site is to create platform for students to share their class materials. This meant that the upload screen had to be something students voluntarily would go to and use. So we did some a & b testing on six students.

Final Product
This is the landing page to display our fun and cute branding and also an immediate access to resources. The big hero banner cycles through a carousel and serves as glimpse of what the site is for.

The folders are represents the different category of classes we have at UCSD. Once a student clicks on the folder they need, they'll presented with a list of class materials where it is filtered by title, class, type and quarter/professor.
Giving credit where credit’s due. This is an about page to not only tell students what the site is for and also giving credit to the creators.
This is just about the most important aspect of our site. After choosing on one simple and easy upload screen, we completed the interaction with a signifier screen to tell users they finished uploading.

A place to help students know what is needed. There's a list of what has already been requested so you can upload if you have the resource. Another form attached that allows students to request for whatever material they can’t find.

Next Steps
The next steps for this project includes making the experience more personable and accessible for users. This means adding in a log in page that allows users to create a profile for themselves. With this function, it’ll enable users to favorite their top folders to access immediate.

By having a log in feature to create a profile, we’re able to collect data and create more personalized experiences for students to have an easier and faster experience on this site.
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