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What We Do
As a part of the student leader team of  Design Co↗︎, our mission is to help bridge the gap between students and the industry. With my team, we are working on building a community of 150+ members by providing the students with workshops, industry connections, design sprints and so much more. I'm a part of the marketing team where I lead marketing campaigns to bring ideas to the public.
What I Learned
Surround yourself with people who not only like what you do but also wish to see you grow in what you like to do. I'm fortunate enough to meet a group of people who not only are amazing at what they do but were also generous enough to teach me what they know.

Asking never hurts. As a newbie in the design field, a lot of things i learned came from asking my peers. Even if it was as simple as how to export on Figma, my team offered many advice and skills that help me grow.

Your team matters!! I'm am so lucky to be able to call my team, my family. Working with the student leaders at Design Co made those extra hours feel more fun than it did like work. I'm sure if you asked any of us on the team, we'd say the same thing. No matter how many hours we put in, at the end of the day, it was fun and so worth because of the team itself.
Much love to a team I call family!!
Work We've Done
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